The Salming RunLAB Running Analysis uses cutting edge motion capture technology, the same technology used for animation in large movie productions. We can capture a runner’s every movement at 400 frames per second and excellent precision. The end result being an objective view of an athlete’s complete running technique.

We promote a holistic approach towards running and emphasize the importance of a full body analysis, not just the lower-body which is common practice elsewhere.

After the runner’s movements have been captured and analyzed, the results are summarized and presented in a web based report. The report includes but is not limited to key parameters such as pelvic rotation, knee angle, ankle flexion and foot contact. The analysis will be interpreted by a Qualisys expert who will provide useful tips and training advice on how the runner can improve technique, strength,stability and posture. The coach suggest specific exercises targeting muscles vital to obtaining a good running form.

We are passionate about running and it is our ambition that our analysis can be used to give concrete advice not only on how to improve performance but also on how to avoid running injuries altogether. 



When you arrive a Salming team member will fit you for a pair of shoes (yours to keep!) and lead you to a changing room if necessary. Once in running gear you will be marked up with 35 reference points from head to toe.  This process should take between 10 and 15 minutes.  Now it's your turn to hop up onto the treadmill! You'll run for 6 minutes at three different speeds (warmup pace, 10k pace, and 5k pace). After finishing up the run our coach, will walk you through the analysis and offer advice on areas for improvement in your run form and strength.


Both men and women should wear running shorts.  For best results men should go shirtless or wear a tank top or singlet.  Women should wear a sports bra, tank top, or singlet. In addition to running shoes, Salming will have plenty of apparel on hand should you choose to experience ours.  Again, yours to keep!  


*space is extremeley limited

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